Writing Article & Content

Academic Editor

An academic editor reads and revises other writers’ works. The editor will do changes when is needed. Editors specialize in editing work written for academic purposes. For example, college or university paper, dissertation, and professional journals.

Academic Research

This 4 is qualification or achievement that makes you to be employed;

  • Ph.D. students/researcher
  • Postdoctoral research associate/assistant
  • Research associate/fellow
  • Higher education lecturer/senior lecturer/professor/reader

Academic research is responsible to carry out research or development activities. An academic research needs to compile results and prepares technical reports and documentation of outcomes. They have to make detailed observations, analyze data, and interpret results.

Academic Writing

An academic writer needs to read and observe various internet sites and books to researched and assigned topics. Academic writers need to innovate and delivering academic articles, research papers, reviews, and guides. When its proofread, edited, and corrected all given reports, appropriately and efficiently. To create and submit documents for formatting to the design team and publishers.

Article Rewriting

To change the expression of words and phrases in a new and unique way. It is an art of making changes in the text by replacing different tools of the content like words phrases, and sentences. It is to make the content more unique and more engaging for readers.

Article Writing

An article writing is a person who creates and provides written content for a company or organization in the form of articles and other creative content. Sometimes it is for review content for publication. Article writing can be anything in the topic, it must be informative and unique for readers.

Blog/ Blog writing

Blogger is to write, edit, post, and promote the content on a web page or website. Blogger needs to create its unique content for readers to stay and read until the end of the pages and explore the website. Blogger generates and pitch ideas, compose and edit posts, market posts to readers, and conduct some research. Blogger will engage with the reader and the job to make the reader eager to know more detail.

Book Writing

Book author is usually based on their knowledge (storyteller) or for a certain topic of information. Nowadays, there are conventional physical books and e-books. The content needs to be unique or informative to build a name reputation and will be easy to sell.

Business Writing

Well, research business documentation, are generally created and manages the authoritative, well-research, and well-organized documentation, communication pieces, and marketing copy enterprise require to conduct business, in all formats and media. It is a well-organized business plan. It is very important to businesses.

Communications Specialist

Communications are usually related to public relations. A communication specialist is the one who is responsible to create an effective communication strategy for a company or organization. Communications specialists are the ones who coordinate external and internal communications flow like memos, newsletters, etc. They are responsible to design sketches of mass media announcements. Moreover, communication specialists also the ones who create content for the company or organization website.

Content Strategy

Content strategy is the person who creates the best content strategy by doing some small research and oversees the client’s needs. They need to provide helpful information to potential customers and clients has created a strong demand for talented professionals who can develop and manage content to attract the potential client. This role is very important to a company or organizations that want to robust marketing and communication plan.

Content Writing

Unique content is a crucial need for businesses to gain more customers or clients. Content writer is the one who creates content for marketing whether conventional or digitally. The content writer needs to know which group of potential customers or clients by research and knowing the company product or services. For example, writing content for blogs or any social media to attract potential customers to have an interest in your product or services.

Copy Editing

Copy editors are the second reader and need to ensure that articles, books, and other materials are free of errors, easy to read and conform to the publication’s style. This role needs a passion for writing, a sharp eye for detail, and an ability to work well under pressure.

Copy Typing

The typist responsibility is to transfer data from paper formats into digital files or database systems. They also transcribing documents from audiotapes. Taking notes and creating detailed texts.

Creative Writing

A creative writer must need to conjure up new and interesting ideas and convey them to a reader in an engaging way. They produce written copy in the form of books, editorial articles, screenplays, and promotional marketing material. A creative writer needs to write an article, books that need to engage with the reader or audience.


An eBooks writer is the person who writes a virtual or digital book to be published and sell it on the internet or any other use will be for free. There are various topics you can write on eBook for an example educational eBook for education purpose, bibliography, about a company, etc. The eBook is almost similar to a book the only make it different is physical. To write an eBook the writer need to make the content interesting to connect with the reader.


The editor’s responsibility is to coordinate the online or print publishing cycles and manage content areas. An editor is a person who will set publication standards and establish goals and expectations. They will suggest stories and generate headline ideas in alignment with the targeted audience’s preferences. Moreover, the editor will oversee the layout of artwork, design, and photography. Checking content for accuracy and errors. Proofread, edit, and improve stories or pieces.

Editorial Writing

The editorial writer is responsible for writes comments on topic reader interest to stimulate or mold public opinion. By viewpoints and policies of publication. They need to prepare assigned or unassigned articles from a knowledge of the topic and editorial position of publication and supplemented by additional study and research.

Essay Writing

Essay writing is a common, every person experience essay writing from school. In the working era, we will do an essay about different topics. It is an explanation or a storyline or fictional. It depends on the purpose of writing an essay. For businesses are for introducing essays about your company or product and services to be posted on newspapers, magazines, websites, etc.

Fiction Writing

Fiction writer is the common freelancer job which they can do from home. By giving your imagination to the writer they will create a storyline from their creative mind. Fiction writers are authors of novels, plays, movies, poetry, songs, and other original writing. Fiction writers conjure new ideas to create stories, lyrics, script, and poems.

Financial Research

Financial research is a person who analyzes financial status by collecting, monitoring, and study data. They will recommend actions that need to be done for businesses.

Forum Posting

Forum posting is common being posted for freelancers. Usually, freelancers get paid by participating in client forums. This exists because many forums and blogs find it difficult to attract users to participate and post messages.


A ghostwriter hired to write a short story, literary or journalist works, speeches, or other texts that will officially be credited to another person as the author. To create journals, speeches, etc. Writing a short story, a romance story is famous for ghostwriting.

Medical Writing

Create educational materials for HCPs, including slides, posters, speaker briefs, and presentations for conferences. A medical writer is responsible to do company newsletters, medical reports, material for the public relations team (press release), and journal manuscripts for people in the company.


A newsletter editor is to connect members, clubs, nonprofit, business or local government that have a lot of members can get benefit from publishing newsletters to keep lines of communication open between members. The role of the newsletter editor is to assign and write stories and organized page layout.


PowerPoint is a tool to make a presentation. Usually, the company will hire a freelancer for a helping hand to create the best PowerPoint presentation for a certain topic or news.

Press Releases

This is a task public relations always do as a public relations specialist. The press release happens when launching a new product, event, etc. The job is to create content, promote to the public, and introduce to the public about the brand.

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions famous among freelancers, this task is to do description the detail of the product in a way employers want. Employers will provide freelancer detail of the product, freelancers need to elaborate on the product in a form of article, essay, simplified sentences, etc uniquely and interestingly.


A proofreader is a person who proves that the text is error-free, consistent, and accurate. If an error detected proofreader will edit the text until it is free from error and easy on the reader’s eye to read. They are charged for reviewing, proofing, and editing is written and digital content in a fast-paced publishing environment.

Proposal/Bid Writing

Proposal and bid writers essentially compose informative documents to the purpose and help companies to secure a client’s business or obtain a government grant. Proposal and bid writer can work with all types of industries. They might present story ideas or outlines, while financial proposal writers could assemble a proposal providing details covering specific financial plans for clients.


A publishing editor’s main responsibility is for the style and content of the publication. Meanings by that the role is mostly responsible for the entire content of a publication. It is a managerial work, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Report Writing

Usually, report writers are comfortable working with databases, spreadsheets, and reporting software. They are information technologies that analyze data and produce a report for a wide variety of industries including computers, finance, education, and healthcare. Other than that, their duties may include testing applications and making presentations to others in the company. They are the ones who develop customized reports from databases to extract and collect data according to client or management needs.

Research Writing

The researcher’s job is to recognize patterns, locate, analyze, and interpret data. The researcher’s duties are aligned methodologies with research goals, using a range of tools to acquire information and interpret data, writing up reports, and presenting the findings.


A resume is crucial needs to present yourself to a company. The best resumes will get chosen by the company. Resume will include previous jobs, projects, volunteer work, and other relevant professional experiences. A complete self detail and a set of skills must be included. By adding a job description of your previous job will be a good way to get hired.


Writing or giving a review of products or services is a good way to increase sales. The job is to use the product or services to feel the impact of using the product of services then write your best experience from it. A review for a person also can be relevant.

Romance Writing

Romance writer is writing a short story or novel is famous among freelancer. Usually writing a romance story whether from experience or totally fiction. Sometimes, romance writers are the ghostwriter to write a story from experience or fiction to publish.


Screenwriters are an essential part of any film because they are responsible to create dialogue, characters, and storylines. Their responsibility is developing and research ideas, creating an initial framework, and adapt the story into a script.

SEO Writing

SEO content writer is a copywriter who involves in search engine optimization(SEO). the job is to improve the search engine ranking of a website to make the website easy to find. The duty of SEO writing is optimizing current copy on a client’s website, blog writing and posting, backlinking, keyword research, rank analysis, and content marketing strategy analysis.

Short Stories

A short story writer is one of the common among freelancers. By writing a creative short story, the topic will be given. The content of the story is fiction, nonfiction, and a short story. This only uses imagination to make a good story that attracts the reader to read. Creativity is needed in this type of task.


Creating the best slogan for clients is also a common freelancer task. To create the most creative and catchy slogan to attract new customers. Usually, clients will describe the project, freelancer will give a choice of slogan for clients to choose.  

Speech Writing 

Speechwriters create and edit speeches for different occasions and purposes. A speechwriter is common among freelancers. The task is to provide a speech for someone with a suitable topic.

Technical Documentation

The technical writer is responsible to prepare instruction manuals and articles with the main goal to communicate complex, technical information more easily. The duties are to provide high-quality and understandable documentation about the product.

Test Plan Writing

Test engineers are responsible for designing and implementing tests to ensure the quality and functionality of a product. It is involved in all phases of the testing program, from designing the test parameters to troubleshooting errors, and writing up final test procedures. These duties involving software.

Test Strategy Writing

Test strategists are the person who develops plans of action for testing new technology products. The duties are identifying areas that need to be tested, designing test strategies that target those areas, and setting acceptance criteria for each test. Additionally, they are tasked with monitoring the continued quality of technology products and finding ways to increase the performance of the products.


The translator is one of the common tasks for freelancers. By knowing a few languages and translate them into other languages. The common task is to translate documents, writing and editing copies, using software and bespoke applications to upload content, preparing summaries, consulting with experts in specialist fields, developing contacts and building relationships with clients.

Travel Writing

The travel writer’s job is a dream job for most people, the job is very adventurous and interesting. The duty is to share experience in the country they visited. Usually, they get paid for travel anywhere. The duties are to describe their experiences. Travel writers may either be freelance writers or work with travel companies.

Web Page Writer

a website editor is likely to get involved with producing new content with an interesting and appealing understandable manner. Maintaining the site and ensuring the information is accurate. The website editor also sourcing images and artwork to make the website more appealing to visit. They design the website, this is common to freelancer duties.

Wikipedia Writing

This is a common project for a freelancer. Wikipedia editor is responsible to input the true information about any given topic in Wikipedia by the employer or task giver.