Refund Policy

If any of the refund issues occur during the ongoing milestone, we will investigate and observe the winner of the fund. The investigation is based on the project milestone and the progress of the project. On the other hand, Employers are free to withdraw their available credit on their e-wallet at any time.

Charges for local employer to disputed milestone is MYR20 from credits per dispute due to Milestone disputed charges from winners. The fee will automatically deduct from the amount.

The payment duration process will take up to 15-30 days. Employers can withdraw 500MYR maximum per day. The processing fee will be 1MYR.

Overseas Transaction

Employers that are from overseas, their refund processing will take 31-90 days it will depend on the investigation on project issues. It does not include bank processing duration. Any oversea transaction is only allowed by using MasterCard or Visa only. The Processing fee will be 50MYR from dispute ammount for every milestone disputed submitted, the fee will only be bare by the winners of the case.

Withdrawal will take 31-50 days to process it depends on the Country. It does not include the bank processing duration. The processing fee will be 20MYR for every successful withdrawal and does not include a bank processing fee.