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Posted on January 24, 2022


Project Desciption

We are currently searching for a web/css designer for our webpage.

The webpage already exists and needs to be revised based on the existing one.

It is a NET 5 webpage that is hosted in Azure.

You can get an overview here: [login to view URL]

(since this is the staging area the page might take a while on first load)

The purpose of the page is time-tracking, and you will get a QR code for logging in once we agreed on working together.

We need a html core for templating with the respective content containers as well as the css for browser, tablet and mobile support for all supported browsers (the pages relies on video scanning via canvas and [login to view URL](), so there might be restrictions for the browser versions that will be supported).

Overall, the mayor browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) should be supported in higher versions (since it is a business application, we can require browser version upgrades from our customers), but if there are big restrictions or impacts that can be discussed.

The page should be responsive for the typical browsing devices (screen, tablet, mobile – 3 different screen resolutions) and remain fast, so the layout needs to be pure and without fancy elements like moving menus, or things alike.

No JS should be involved for the layout (besides grid frameworks if necessary).

Advices regarding the layout based on your web-design skills are highly welcome, but it should stick to the general, visual approach based on our overall company design.

The layout should be based on containers that should be reused in the various pages.

There is a grid framework in place (mvc-grid), but that can be replaced if needed.

What do we expect:

Html template in addition to the css stylesheets

Container definitions for the content types (headlines, lists, general text, buttons, etc, you’ll get it)

Optimal would be wireframe images to discuss the visual approach internally

Html sample for proof-of-concept incl. css stylesheets

There will be more pages in the future, so if everything works out well, we’d like to continue the work relationship.

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