You may now freely to find virtual job at ZERO fee.

Complete your profile &

verify your account via email

Bid a project that suits your skills.

Get chosen and enter workspace area to discuss project, & share files private and safely.

Once you have sent your completed project.

Remind your employer to click the completed button, credits will be yours &

automatically transferred to your Bowome e-wallet. Cash (MYR) upon withdrawal request.

Withdrawal Request: –

Update any of your ( Bank details & your Country name) for the withdrawal process.

Countries available for withdrawal, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia only. (Malaysian Ringgit)

If you are from Singapore or Indonesia, Kindly insert Bank country code.(incomplete bank details will be denied)

Withdrawal Request will take 3-5 working days.

Please check your Bowome Account frequently or approval or denied notification.

MYR 1.00 credit service charges will be applied for every successful transaction.

Calculation Example as below: –

Withdrawal Request MYR 10.00 credits – MYR 1.00 service charge = MYR 9.00

This MYR 9.00 cash will be transferred to your bank account.

Friendly Reminder: –

Freelancers are not allowed to purchase any credit Top-up.

Ignore the deposit page button on your account.

Credit Deposit is only for the employer to Top-Up for paying your completed project.

Warning: Do not share your contact info to others.

*For your safety precautions purposes.