Digitalization will rule the future of the workforce. With the advancement of technology, more people can now design their lives around their job. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions, the gig economy platform is experiencing high demand. The gig economy is used by most SME businesses to supplement their human resources rather than traditional employment, which drives up expenses.  

“The growth of technology” is one of the reasons why the gig economy is taking a larger share of the workforce. Telecommuting or working remotely is now more accessible than ever. This allows companies to hire people from all over the world, allowing them to tap into a larger pool of talent. Many businesses now operate entirely online, making it easier for someone to work as a freelancer. Bowome also allows Malaysians who run their freelance enterprises to market and sell their services for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Furthermore, permanent positions are becoming increasingly scarce. Specific tasks or projects are becoming less time demanding due to technological advancements, and in certain situations, employees are being eliminated. Many businesses are also cutting workers to save money; hiring permanent employees is more expensive than recruiting freelancers for specific projects.

Bowome is a digital workspace that allows people to earn extra money for purposes such as debt repayment or being less reliant on full-time employment. They can range from side work to freelancing tasks based on their professional skills.

Three technology disruptions fuel the Bowome platform.

  • The internet made it possible to connect with anyone in the world
  • Bowome is the remote tools made it possible to collaborate with any talent in Malaysia
  • Workflow (Contracting, payment and project management) tools made it possible for freelancers and employers to work together.