Code of Conduct

Bowome has an obligation towards the complacent of all visitors and users. We follow a good ethic brings a good environment to earn or find a project. Visitors and users have their own rules, regulation, and law to make it happen. We would like to build an environment with trust and respect towards each other. Any inquiry or report regarding a breach of code of conduct please contact our support team. Anyone who disobeys our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, and this Code of conduct will investigate and gives to the authority. Action will be taken to the breacher.

Users Content

I will responsible for all content I posted in Bowome:

I will not post content that can violate any law and regulation.

I will not post content that infringes upon any copyright or other intellectual property rights.

I will not post content that is false information about other people or companies.

I will not post content that contains viruses that can bring damage to others.

I will not post content that contains pornographic or child pornography.

I will not post derogatory content.

I will not post content that can harm or to repudiate Bowome.


I will not ask other users their contact to communicate off-site.

I will not communicate outside to work off-site.

Advertising and Spam

I will not take advantage of spamming to advertise something on the Bowome site.

I will not take advantage to bid multiple times to spam or advertising.

Personal Behavior

I will act ethically and integrity while using this website.

I will obey all terms & conditions and policies of Bowome.

I will not abuse the confidential information and participate in any illegal activities.

I will respect other user’s rights, interests, and safety.

I will not bully, harass, and discriminate against other users.

I will not falsify my information and other information for my good.

I will not seek to communicate or receive payment outside

I will not agree to do work or projects that I’m not capable of.

I will only insert genuine information in my skill and portfolio.

I will not request an upfront payment before I deliver my job or project.


I will not enlist negative criticism, personal attack, or any unprofessional conduct to other users or Bowome.

I will avert any exaggeration, inappropriate references, and derogatory remarks.


I will not leak any disclosure information or documentation I have received.

I will honor the confidentiality and privacy.


I will not create multiple accounts.

I will not use the Bowome site to illegally transfer funds.

I will not create or engage in any fraud activity.

I will not use the Bowome site to attack by giving false information about a person or any company.


I will not bid a project more than twice.

I will not bid multiple times (spamming) to get a project or advertisement purpose.

I will only bid a project that I plan to complete and that suits my skills.


  • I will not manipulate the Bowome payment gateway or trying to hack the payment gateway.
  • I will not use Bowome to facilitate money exchange including, but not limited to, cryptocurrency (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum, etc).